Friday, January 14, 2011

Exploiting my Phobias

Most people who know me, are aware of at least one of my greatest fears... giraffes (nothing with such long limbs can be trusted). One of my other deep seeded fears is alien abduction. Ever since I was a small child, nothing horrified me more than the idea of space men coming into my room at night and taking me away to their space labs to be probed. I developed this fear while watching certain programs with my parents; namely Unsolved Mysteries, Communion (with Christopher Walken), Fire in the Sky, and most recently The Fourth Kind.

As an artist, I've learned to channel my fears and anxieties through my work, and in a way come to terms with them and move on. So, just a few months ago, I decided to write the script for my next project. A webseries that will help me to face my phobias and in essence gain power over them. Thus, the creation of "Alien Face Bashers." A comedic sci-fi mini-series about a gang of former abductees who seeks revenge on their extra-terrestrial kidnappers.

Right now, a few friends and I are shooting a short teaser to promote the show, and hopefully raise enough money to shoot the first season. Already, I'm feeling good about this project. If all goes well, maybe I'll launch my anti-giraffe campaign :)